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Based in China, we pride ourselves as a professional supplier of traditional Chinese musical instruments such as Erhu, Pipa, Guqin, Guzheng, Hulusi, Yangqin, Liuqin, Dizi and Xiao Bamboo Flute, and through our online platform, we hope to bring you more about the splendid culture by Chinese people.

Why This Site Launched?
The main reason why we launch this site is just simple: to setup an easy online shopping platform for those who are interested in genuine traditional culture and products by Chinese people.

What are our main presentations?
Chinese Musical Instruments, among them are

Plucked String Instruments: Guzheng & Guqin Zither, Pipa Lute, Yangqin, Liuqin and Ruan;
Bowed String Instruments: Erhu, Gaohu and Zhonghu;
Wind Instruments: Dizi, Xiao Flute, Hulusi, Bawu, Sheng and Guanzi.

What is Our Advantage?
Being professional, we have a strong in-house artist team for the fields we cover;

It is true that China boasts to have a relatively low labor cost and churns out nearly every item consumed in our daily life, still, we are among those who could present and deliver the world the genuine Chinese culture.

How to shopping?
it is easy, just place the order into the cart and follow the steps thereafter, the payment can be made via paypal with your credit card, an alternative is to make the payment via bank transfer directly to our bank account.

Where we are?
We are located in Xiamen, a beautiful coastal city in South China's Fujian province, and is around one hour's fight from Hong Kong or Shanghai.

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